Protecting our quality of life for generations to come


Newport Beach will continue to evolve, but it does not have to be at the expense of our quality of life. If elected, I will work to ensure that our city council makes informed decisions about policies and procedures based on factual data and citizen input.

I support balanced development, with particular emphasis on traffic issues, and I will work to reject out-of-place or ill-planned projects that do not conform to our city’s distinctive history and character.

I will use all resources at the city’s disposal to limit expansion of John Wayne Airport, as well as its significant noise and pollution impacts.

I will invite residents to engage in city processes, such as the next General Plan Update, so their views are clearly known to the city council. I will make sure that appointments to city commissions and committees are based on experience rather than political ties, and will fully utilize citizen input gleaned through these venues, as originally intended.

I will make our city’s fiscal health a top priority. I believe we can continue to pay down our unfunded pension liabilities and balance our budget – without sacrificing the top-quality services we currently pay for through our property taxes.

I will focus on implementing both political and campaign finance reform to ensure that city council seats cannot be bought or controlled by special interests and that tax dollars are no longer wasted on unnecessary legal costs or giveaways to donors. It’s time to bring back “rule of law” and make our city government work for the people again.