Together we win

The People Who Care and Who Vote!

I think we have all seen that it takes tenacity to run for public office. I have found myself with more of that than I realized because when we are fighting for things that really matter, we stand up to power and say NO. In the face of lies and deception, I was never tempted to abandon the fight. No matter what the outcome, it has been worth it. I can look my grandchildren in the eyes and tell them we have to do everything we can to protect the things we love, even when it is very difficult.

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What has been most amazing is how the special interests have convinced some people to vote against their own best interests – protecting our city – and support those who want to use our town to further enrich themselves. By using partisan politics, they convinced a few that I was a danger greater than big development!

The outpouring of support in more ways than I can count has been awe-inspiring. And the fact that it has come from citizens with widely varying political points of view gives me great hope. When we put our differences aside and just focus on the big picture, we can accomplish great things. Those who try to divide us have self-serving motivations that benefit them, not us. The more we recognize and vote against people with those attitudes, the more problems we can solve together.

I am motivated by my grandchildren and my belief in good government. The citizens of Newport Beach deserve a City Council that will work for them, hold developers accountable and fight for our future. It takes an independent spirit and a strong backbone to take on the special interests. As your City Councilmember, that’s the citizenry I’ll represent and who I will be at every opportunity. Our collective voice is our superpower. Let’s use it to reclaim our city.

THANK YOU ALL will never be repeated enough but it is eternal and heartfelt! Once again, please share this with everyone you know. We aren’t the big money machine that funds all those hit pieces but we are the people who care and who vote.

P.S.  I have a LOT of business cards and I am passing them out to anyone who wants them.  Rather than knocking on more doors, let’s carry them with us through Tuesday and pass them out with a “remember to vote” message.  Please call me and I will drop some off for you.  (949) 200-9993

I thank you for your support and encouragement. We are going to win on November 6