Partisan politics have no place in local elections

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Instead of waiting another twenty years to write a “letter to the editor,” I’m responding to a letter posted today (10/23) in StuNews from Michael Schroeder. In it there was a reference to “brown shirts” and it was implied this came from Joy Brenner.

Not true. I wrote those words, not Joy. They were written and sent by me to Joy because I see a danger in partisan politics being injected into a non-partisan election. The General Election Ballot clearly states “non-partisan offices” before council district voting. 

My email cited both party colors (red and blue) with dedicated people voting blindly based on party affiliation. In it, I said that when someone adheres to party lines (and I used the color brown) consequences may develop that end badly.

I’m a Republican who is probably more conservative than most Republicans. In government I vote “small” and adhere to the economics espoused by Milton Friedman and Frederick Hayek. That said I cannot rely only on party politics, particularly at the local level, and turn a blind eye to a candidate’s character.

I hope everyone studies the facts and certainly in local elections votes based on whether a candidate puts the people and community ahead of personal biases, has demonstrated a commitment to service and has a vision for the city that can be appreciated by many if not all.

Lorian Petry

Corona del Mar