Dishonesty, Disrespect, Cronyism and Collusion, Oh My!

Deep Dysfunction in Our City

Election Day is less than two weeks away!  I’ve been working on this for over a year now and must confess I had no idea how deep the roots of dysfunction had grown…into our very foundation as a city.  The back room deals and secrets being kept from the public were the mere tip of the iceberg.

More is being revealed all the time about the apparent conflict of interest between Duffy and Scott Peotter, who have now been shown to have a business relationship. They are now trying to say there is nothing wrong with that but, if so, then why did they hide it from us for so long?  Why did they not disclose it to the city attorney and the rest of the council? We need to be sure the city is not held liable for any votes cast by Scott which were in the best interest of Duffy when Duffy had to recuse himself!  Is our city attorney monitoring these actions and protecting us as tax paying citizens?

And Scott has injected partisan politics into everything he has done since elected, including this campaign.  In my 57 years in Newport Beach I have never seen this done. The point of our city council being a non-partisan position is so that we will represent ALL of our constituents.  He says at forums that he is elected to represent his political philosophy and I say I will be elected to represent our citizens.  He says my mission of listening to our constituents is like sticking my finger in the air to see which way the wind blows.

The polar opposite is true…knowing and understanding the thinking of the people of Newport Beach is about relationships with people I respect.  The city-wide process of campaigning has allowed me the opportunity to know and understand more about the issues of citizens throughout our community.

The political machine that got 6 of our 7 council members elected thinks they have the secret to controlling our council…money, money, money.  The special interest money to which they have access pays for a lot of glossy flyers.  But every dollar we raised, over $90,000, was from people who actually care about our city. That’s a very big difference!

I told the council that we the people are waking up and that we aren’t stupid.  Please help me make that true by forwarding this post and any other information you find pertinent to other voters in Newport Beach.  The only thing that concerns me at this point is the uninformed voter population.  I don’t think the political machine of Dave Ellis knows the extent of involvement by our friends and neighbors and I’m hopeful that it will make all the difference.  I will never be able to thank all of you and the hundreds of people who have worked on this effort enough, but please know how much you are appreciated!

I’m aiming for one more newsletter next week and then our campaign work is done.  From there on out it is about cleaning up our city and getting back to Citizen Driven Government in Newport Beach.

I thank you for your support and encouragement. We are going to win on November 6!

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