Evelyn Hart

Former Newport Beach mayors approve that it's time for change

Evelyn Hart

Former Mayor Keith Curry, above, and five other former mayors are taking formal positions against the Team Newport incumbents in districts 3 and 6. (Daily Pilot)

As former mayors, we are very concerned about the direction of our city during the past four years. We have seen the City Council majority make rash and partisan decisions that are not in the best interests of the residents.

The council majority simply does not represent the values of our city. You would expect the mayor to set a tone that avoids these abuses, but Mayor Marshall “Duffy” Duffield has failed our community and must bear responsibility for his decisions.

In addition to Duffield, one other councilman, Scott Peotter, has been at the center of all of these problems. Peotter even voted against the city sexual harassment prevention policy and efforts to pay down our pension liability more quickly.

We believe it is time for a change if we are to protect the quality of life and restore our civic values in Newport Beach. We are supporting Tim Stoaks in District 3, who is running against Duffield, and Joy Brenner in District 6, who is running against Peotter.

Stoaks and Brenner are longtime community activists who have worked for decades on projects like the OASIS senior center, the Corona del Mar Library/Fire Station and Santa Ana Heights improvements like the fire station, trails and parks, and our new animal shelter.

They have been in the lead on reducing airport noise, and they will represent the interests and values of residents, not politically connected donors.

Join us in demanding a change for the better in Newport Beach and rejecting the machine politics of the past four years.

Evelyn Hart

Rush Hill

John Cox

Keith Curry

Mike Henn

Don Webb

Newport Beach

The writers are all former Newport Beach mayors.

Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks

Brenner and Stoaks discuss how city council should work

Watch the video with Newport Beach Candidates Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks as they discuss how the City Council should work.

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Candidate Forum for City Council

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Come hear direct from Newport Beach City Council Candidates running for office. Following an interactive panel format, the event will give you a first hand look at the positions and experiences on various topical issues. Events have limited seating. Breakfast and treats are provided by Pain Quotidien and the Lot.

Latest update:

Joy Brenner, Tim Stoaks, and citizens faced the Pros at the Newport Beach Chamber Candidate Forum.

"We were the only two out of six who had never participated in a Candidate Forum previously.  Not sure about Tim but I was nervous facing a professional politician.  First of all, I’m not a professional and I hope to NEVER be a politician.  Public Servant is the designation I prefer to use.  I found, however, that speaking truth to power was easier than I thought. Now I’m looking forward to the next and the next and..." - Joy Brenner
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special message

A Special Message from Joy Brenner

View Official Letter here

August 20, 2018

Dear CdMRA Board Members,

As you know, I recently qualified to run as a Newport Beach City Council Candidate for District 6. I am thrilled and excited to be in this race, and I will continue to work hard to win and to restore truth, ethics and transparency to Newport Beach city government. In order to spend the appropriate amount of time and energy on the campaign and also to avoid any perception or appearance of conflict of interest, I believe it is best for me to step down as CdMRA’s president. As a 1987 founding member, this organization means a great deal to me and I see it as critical in working with the council to represent our citizens. Throughout our 32 year history, I have remained active and supportive of all CdMRA has done to promote education and dialog on issues large and small that impact our CdM residents and members. I feel privileged to be have been elected as your president for the 2018 term, and I think our efforts continue to be vitally important.

Our Vice President Debbie Stevens has agreed to be considered for the office of President, for which she is imminently qualified. In order to preserve the organization structure as outlined in our Bylaws, you will be asked to vote on the installment of new officers so that CdMRA can continue its important work without any disruption or delay. Thank you for your commitment to and support of CdMRA and all it stands for. I look forward to being able to continue to serve our community and this organization again after the November 6 election.


joy Brenner signature

Share to five friends

Share with Five Friends

I always say ‘I’m not running for City Council, WE are.”  That’s why it’s so important that we put all our efforts together to restore integrity to our community.

How can you help?

Please ask five of your like-minded friends to vote in November or earlier on their absentee ballot. You can forward this message to five of your friends or neighbors who would like to see truth, ethics, and transparency restored to Newport Beach city government. Simply click here to start sharing this message. 

I’ve always had a very strong patriotic spirit and believe that local government is where Representative Democracy should work best. It is very exciting to feel that we really are part of a community that is dedicated – and working very hard – to take our city back.

Thank you for your time, support and encouragement!