It’s Time For Joy!

Joy Brenner

Dear Newport Beach Voter,

As you know, I am running for Newport Beach City Council.

I spent almost my entire life in Newport Beach and have always worked to enhance our quality of life. From my service on the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission to my most recent effort in helping to save our Corona del Mar Library, it has always been through consensus building and collaboration.

My work at University of California, Irvine and at the Hoag Hospital Foundation was guided by building bridges between the community and the institutions. I approach local politics in the same way. Local government has been my passion because this is where I believe representative government should work best.

And it worked well in Newport Beach during most of the 40-plus years I have been involved. I was the Former President of the Corona del Mar Residents Association, which I helped found in 1987 with our then city councilmember Phil Sansone. He told me he wanted an organization that helped him know what his constituents were thinking and, 31 years later, the CdM Residents Association is still going strong.

However, times have changed. Instead of wanting our input, many on this council ignore what the citizens are saying in order to push their own agenda. Politics has become so ugly in our city that most civic-minded citizens are afraid to run.

If elected, I will work diligently to change that.

This serious decision was made after many conversations with my family who all live in the area. Included were my five grandchildren who attend our excellent Newport Beach schools. I talk about government with my grandchildren often and they know I frequently attend City Council and Planning Commission meetings. I tell them we get the government we deserve and we deserve better so we have to do something about it. They understand that politics is dirty and that there will be lies, misinterpretations and bad pictures circulated. But I also tell them it’s just like bullying for kids, only this is at the adult level. We can’t let the bullies intimidate us, we have to know who we are and stand up to them. The whole family agreed that this is something about which I am passionate, where I will make a difference and that I must do.

My reply to those lies, innuendos and things taken out of context is to ask those with questions about me or my character to contact me directly or my endorsers who can attest to my character. That’s one reason endorsements are important.

The tipping point for me in deciding to run was the recognition that back room deals, dishonesty and the frivolous use of our tax dollars was happening all too frequently at city hall. I have a very large team of supporters, with many years of political involvement here in Newport Beach and we all agree that it’s time for a change. The sense of community created around these efforts to restore integrity to our local government is inspiring and motivating. I hope you will join us!

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