Tony Petros, Former Newport Beach Councilman demands a change and supports Joy Brenner

Joy Brenner gets more support for City Council from Tony Petros, former Newport Beach City Councilman with this breaking story from the Daily Pilot.

As a former member of the Newport Beach City Council, I have a unique perspective on this year’s election. During my first two years, I was privileged to serve with dedicated public servants who put the city first and worked in a spirit of collegiality to accomplish important projects like Sunset Ridge Park and Marina Park and to initiate the early pay down of our pension liabilities.

"I love our city, and we need a change on the City Council to restore the ethical standards, fiscal responsibility and sense of civility that we all expect and deserve. I will be supporting council candidates Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks. I encourage you to join me and demand change for the good of our community."

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Newport Beach Jeff Herdman Supports Joy Brenner

Joy Brenner gets the backing of the Newport Beach community

Joy Brenner is not afraid to face the challenges and deal with the bullying in  politics. Her supporters are long time residents and current councilman and community members in Newport Beach who endorse Joy Brenner for her tenacity! Listen to what Jeff Herdman, NB City Council Member has to say about Joy Brenner:

Scott Paulsen is 1000% sure Joy Brenner is the best candidate for the job! Listen to what Scott has to share about Joy.

Line in the Sand Newport Beach

Line in the Sand endorses three candidates

Line in the Sand is a Newport Beach Political Action Committee and recently announced that the support for three Newport Beach City Council Candidates - Tim Stoaks, Joy Brenner, and Roy Englebrecht.

Line in the Sand Newport Beach

Tim, Roy and Joy are all long-time Newport Beach residents whose values and views on issues such as traffic and development, the need for a General Plan update and campaign finance reform are aligned with those of Line in the Sand.  All worked actively to defeat Measure Y and the Museum House.

Line in the Sand supports Joy Brenner, Tim Stoaks, and Roy Englebrecht

Tim, a Newport Beach resident for 15 continuous years, has served on the boards of many local organizations. In particular, he helped promote public-private partnerships for projects such as the OASIS Senior Center, worked actively since 2002 to contain John Wayne Airport and protect the Settlement Agreement and was a founding member of the Friends of the Newport Beach Animal Shelter, of which he is now president.

Roy, a Newport Beach resident for 36 continuous years, has served two terms on the Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission (a total of 11 years), was the only 2014 city council candidate to oppose Measure Y, worked side by side with Newport Beach voters gathering signatures for the 2016 Museum House petition and regularly attends community-based workshops which highlight general plans and the process of updating them.

Joy, a Newport Beach resident for 57 continuous years, has been involved in the community for decades, giving her time to countless committees and commissions. She was notably a founding member of the Corona del Mar Residents Association in 1987, oversaw the redevelopment of the popular Corona del Mar landmark Inspiration Point while serving as chair of the Parks, Beaches & Recreation Commission, and most recently spearheaded the Friends of CdM Library community coalition that was actively engaged with city leadership, library trustees and city staff in developing the approved design for the new branch library and fire station facility in Corona del Mar.

Line in the Sand is proud to support these three candidates who are independent thinkers, have longstanding ties to the community, and believe that representing residents and local business owners should be the Council’s top priority.  Tim, Roy and Joy’s philosophies and platforms are in stark contrast to the incumbents they are challenging.

We ask that you support Line in the Sand’s endorsement of Roy, Tim and Joy.  If you are willing to let us use your name in the promotional materials we are developing for these candidates, you can give us permission by filling out the Support LITS Endorsement form below.  The same form gives you the option to help distribute Line in the Sand campaign flyers in your neighborhoods.

Check out an entertaining history quiz in the Line in the Sand (LITS)  featured on StuNews Newport. See how you do! 

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Beware of the "Growth Machine"

StuNews Newport
18 September 2018
Letters to the Editor:
Beware of the “Growth Machine”
By Jean Watt
The question is who to vote for in November’s City Council election? I know who I’m voting for because actions speak louder than words. Forums are good introductions, but often don’t do much to differentiate one candidate from another. All candidates say they “love” Newport so, once again, we need to examine actions, not words.
There is one type of action I discovered that sums it up for me. Some members of the current City Council are wittingly or unwittingly part of the “growth machine” which is well ensconced in Orange County. Of course it is – because there is lots of money to be made here through decisions about big, lucrative development – the sky’s the limit. There are political futures to be furthered as well. 
Here’s one case in point. In 2017, then Mayor Muldoon (with Duffy as Mayor Pro Tem) wrote a letter on behalf of the City Council and City of Newport Beach (that’s us), at the behest of the City of Irvine Mayor and the Irvine Company, saying that we would all love it if Amazon would locate its second headquarters in Irvine – with 50,000 new high paying jobs along with other associated jobs and families. This never appeared on our City Council’s agenda for the public to see. And what would we have said? 
We would certainly have wanted to know more about the sheer volume of development, density and traffic that would mean. What would 50,000 or more new families do to the already too expensive housing market? However, the letter said, and I quote,
 “The City of Newport Beach is pleased to support a collaborative proposal of the City of Irvine and the Irvine Company to secure Amazon’s second headquarters. We are proud civic leaders of one of 34 cities in Orange County – America’s sixth largest county, greater in population than 21 states in the Union…Each of our cities presents unique opportunities and strategic advantages to accommodate all that Amazon seeks for its next headquarters.”
As it turns out, Amazon went elsewhere and subsequently we read of the impact of its first headquarters in Seattle, of its loss of “soul” from the building boom primarily by Amazon’s impact. An article in the New York Times by Timothy Egan reads, “I live in the city that hit the Amazon jackpot, now the biggest company town in America. They have 40,000 employees here, who in turn attracted 50,000 other new jobs. They own or lease a fifth of all the class A office space. But median home prices have doubled in five years, to $700,000. This is not a good thing in a place where teachers and cops used to be able to afford a house with a water view.” This article ended with, “To the next Amazon lottery winner I would say, enjoy the boom – but be careful what you wish for.”
17 of the 34 City Mayors wrote such a letter as requested by their growth machine cronies. Laguna, for one, did not. Laguna has a soul it has steadfastly tried to preserve, and, like Laguna, I hope we would choose to keep our charm and character as well. As a start we can elect people who by all indications will choose to put the Newport Beach citizens first. Three people running for our City Council want to know what we think, and I’m voting for them – Joy Brenner, Tim Stoaks, and Roy Engelbrecht.
Jean Watt
Newport Beach

Evelyn Hart

Former Newport Beach mayors approve that it's time for change

Evelyn Hart

Former Mayor Keith Curry, above, and five other former mayors are taking formal positions against the Team Newport incumbents in districts 3 and 6. (Daily Pilot)

As former mayors, we are very concerned about the direction of our city during the past four years. We have seen the City Council majority make rash and partisan decisions that are not in the best interests of the residents.

The council majority simply does not represent the values of our city. You would expect the mayor to set a tone that avoids these abuses, but Mayor Marshall “Duffy” Duffield has failed our community and must bear responsibility for his decisions.

In addition to Duffield, one other councilman, Scott Peotter, has been at the center of all of these problems. Peotter even voted against the city sexual harassment prevention policy and efforts to pay down our pension liability more quickly.

We believe it is time for a change if we are to protect the quality of life and restore our civic values in Newport Beach. We are supporting Tim Stoaks in District 3, who is running against Duffield, and Joy Brenner in District 6, who is running against Peotter.

Stoaks and Brenner are longtime community activists who have worked for decades on projects like the OASIS senior center, the Corona del Mar Library/Fire Station and Santa Ana Heights improvements like the fire station, trails and parks, and our new animal shelter.

They have been in the lead on reducing airport noise, and they will represent the interests and values of residents, not politically connected donors.

Join us in demanding a change for the better in Newport Beach and rejecting the machine politics of the past four years.

Evelyn Hart

Rush Hill

John Cox

Keith Curry

Mike Henn

Don Webb

Newport Beach

The writers are all former Newport Beach mayors.

Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks

Brenner and Stoaks discuss how city council should work

Watch the video with Newport Beach Candidates Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks as they discuss how the City Council should work.