Experience + Vision

Joy Brenner

Restoring open, transparent local government to Newport Beach

Experience: Deep familiarity with Newport Beach, its citizens and their values

  • 58-year continuous resident with intimate knowledge of how the city works and what its residents expect from their Council
  • Founding member and current President of the Corona del Mar Residents Association
  • Former Chair of the Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission
  • Driving force behind a community outreach effort to find the optimal design for the Corona del Mar library (consulting with library staff, trustees and users) and to get the combined library/fire station project approved after it was challenged by the incumbent
  • Developer of a successful fundraising program for Hoag Hospital

Vision: Protecting our quality of life and that of future generations by

  • Preventing overdevelopment and traffic, rejecting out-of-place projects like the Museum House
  • Using all resources at the City’s disposal to keep John Wayne Airport from expanding and to limit its noise and pollution impacts
  • Inviting residents to contribute to processes such as the next General Plan Update and know that their views matter to the Council. They will have an opportunity to serve on Committees and Commissions based on their experience rather than their political ties
  • Keeping our City’s fiscal health a top priority – continuing to pay down the unfunded pension liability and balance the budget while also maintaining top-quality services.
  • Implementing the political and campaign finance reform needed to make sure Council seats cannot be bought and controlled by special interests and guaranteeing that tax dollars are no longer wasted through unnecessary legal costs, red herrings and giveaways to donors. It’s time to make our local government work for the people again.

Appreciation for City is important to this former mayor (StuNews, June 8, 2018)

“When deciding who should represent me on city council, one of the most important attributes I look for is an appreciation for our city’s culture and history. It is a critical factor in the evaluation of the projects and programs that determine our future. With such an appreciation, new projects will be organic and fit in well. Without it, too often they will be out of character, discordant and disruptive. I am supporting Joy Brenner because she has this appreciation.

That is not the only reason for my support. I have worked with Joy, and I have been impressed with her preparation, her thoughtfulness and her efforts to be inclusive. Joy is one who puts in the hard work. She reads the boring reports, she does the necessary research, and she reaches out – not just to one side or group, but to as many people as she can to get a full picture. When it comes time to make a decision, there is a solid foundation for her action.

Finally, Joy has a strong moral compass. She will be steadfast in standing up for her positions. Her decisions will be based on what she sincerely believes is best for the city, not because of pressure from some group or individual. This is the kind of person we want to represent us. I urge you to vote for Joy as council member for District 6.”

Nancy Gardner, Former Council Member for District 6, Newport Beach

Experience + Vision = A better future for Newport Beach